Try our services for only $1*!

Are you interested in our products, but you want to check our reliability first?

Every reliable online seller of anabolic steroids has his own proven practice how to convince skeptical people about his reliability. Since worldwide market is crowded by many fake and not responsible sellers and scammers, customers are more sensitive when they are choosing their future supplier.

We have a solution: you can now try our “$1* Sample Package” service.

What does $1* Sample Package mean and what is its purpose?

As its name suggests, we send you a small product sample which is discreetly packaged and processed like a regular order by regular registered mail. The main purpose of this service is to show you that our method of delivery and the whole delivery process works.

How can I get my $1* Sample Package?

This service is for new customers only and aged of minimum 21 years old:

  1. First of all, you have to create your account on
  2. Then you just need to fill the form below:

      We need to check that you are a real person without any fraudulent intentions. For this purpose, please send us a copy of your ID card or driver's license attached below. If you wish, you can cover also all your personal details except your full name, date of birth and place of your permanent residence. Protecting your privacy is extremely important to us and we won’t distribute or communicate your personal data.


    • Your request will be reviewed by our authorized staff member and he will contact you within 3 to 24 hours after your request with the payments instructions.



    Why do I need to send a copy of my ID?
    Over the past few years we received many sample requests. Unfortunately, major part of these requests came from few speculative individuals. We used to call them “Time Waster” or “Wheeler-Dealers”. They abused our willingness to get a product for only $1* and they didn’t have any interest to really buy something and become our regular customer. We do not like fraudulent behavior and intentions at all, so we decided to require a small reciprocal service from the applicants and show us that you are a real person without any fraudulent intentions. So your identity needs to be verified, otherwise you can not get any sample package.

    *What is the price of this sample?
    The sample itself is free, we only make you pay the shipping price from our warehouse. Price can vary but total shipping price should be within $20 and $30.
    *Delivery Fees stay at your charge

    What does my package contain, can I choose the sample?
    Because the amount of our samples is limited, each package contains only 1 product available in our catalog. Unfortunately, you cannot choose what sample you will receive.

    What is the delivery time?
    If the information you have provided is valid, and once we received your payment, we will process and dispatch your sample package as soon as possible (usually in 24-48 hours). Then, the delivery time should not exceed:

    • United States of America 7-12 days
    • European Union 3-7 days
    • Rest of the world 6-21 days

    How to track my sample parcel shipping?
    All sample packages are sent via regular registered mail. You will receive a tracking number to track your sample box, as we do for other real orders.