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      How do I know you're the real deal?

      We’re authorised resellers for all of the brands you see displayed on our website. In the same fashion used to check product legitimacy, you can also check OUR legitimacy by contacting the manufacturer(s) of your products who will be happy to confirm that we are the real deal.

      What payment options do you offer?

      We have a payment method to suit EVERYONE. Please check the separate terms and conditions section to see a full range of the extensive payment options we offer.

      How can I trace my items to ensure that they've come from a legitimate source?

      Tracing your products for legitimacy couldn’t be easier: simply contact the manufacturer of your item and provide them with the batch / serial number(s) of your product(s), after which they will be able to confirm their legitimacy for you.

      Do I have the required age to take steroids?

      The answer is YES, if you are over 21 and NO If you are underage. At this age, your body has not reached yet its hormonal balance. There are risks of blocking the production of natural testosterone. Not to mention the side effects that your young body will have to undergo.

      Which steroid best suits my goals?

      As you navigate through forums and websites dedicated to the subject, you will gradually begin to familiarize yourself with the various steroids, but also with dosages and effects.

      I don’t like injections, could I take only oral steroids?

      Let’s be clear, most oral steroids are hepatotoxic, that means, toxic for the liver. Once the tablets or pills are ingested, they will go through the digestive system, and the liver will have the mission to destroy the steroids to prevent them from spreading throughout the body. The liver will then suffer damage if one is not careful, hence the use of products like the Samarin to protect it. Injectable steroids go directly to the body.

      In what part of my body do I have to do the injections?

      The gluteus and quadriceps injection spots are the most common because of the volume and the large size of these muscles, although injections can be performed in several parts of the body.

      What is Gynecomastia?

      It is the development of a man’s chest to the shape and size of a woman’s. This breast growth is due to a high estrogen level. The use of anabolic steroids is one of the main causes of gynecomastia. By taking steroids that mostly contain a high testosterone level, the body will systematically convert testosterone into estrogen.

      What is PCT?

      PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is what you must do when you have just finished a steroid cycle to boost the production of natural testosterone. It is mandatory if you want to retain the maximum gain. Nolvadex, Clomid and sometimes HCG are the products used for PCT.

      How do I pay for my purchase? proposes 5 payment methods that are both reliable and fast.
      – By credit card
      – Western Union
      – MG
      – Bitcoin

      How much does the delivery cost?

      We offer two types of delivery:

      EXPRESS DELIVERY: This one has a fixed cost of 39 dollars .
      Your package will be at your place in 9-14 working days on average. We will send you a tracking number immediately after dispatching your package.

      EXPRESS SHIPPING with INSURANCE: 39 dollars + 8% of the total amount of your order
      The warranty protects you against any kind of damage, loss or seizure.

      How do you send the products?

      We take special care in packing and delivering the products you order from us. Everything is treated with the utmost care. Apart from protection, we guarantee an extreme discretion for all packages. The products are sent with their original boxes and instructions.

      Which countries do you deliver?

      We ship worldwide.