Liver Protection

All oral anabolic steroid cycles will require some form of liver protection in order to guarantee your safety over the course of your usage phase – this is to safeguard against hepatotoxicity developing thus potentially causing lasting damage. Look no further than the likes of Liv 52 and Samarin to provide your every protective need.

What to expect of Liver Protections like Samarin

  • Enhanced digestive motility
  • Protection against heartburn
  • Protection against acid reflux
  • General protection against antacid type symptoms
  • Possible antioxidant effects
  • Possible anti inflammatory effects

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    The use of steroids, including anabolic steroids, often misused in bodybuilding to accelerate muscle growth, can have harmful effects on the liver. Long-term or intensive use of these drugs can lead to liver damage and even liver disease. TUDCA is a highly effective remedy for maintaining liver health, particularly during the cycle.