To become a perfect sportsperson, you need to be more concerned about your physique and overall health. Proper gym workouts and diet will help you to improve your physical appearance. However, it takes too much longer, but if you choose the right steroid product based on your personal goals, you can achieve them in a very short period.

Primobolan is an effective steroid compound for you when you aim to get rid of excess body fats. This article will describe a well-designed Primobolan cycle for men and women that you should run to minimize its side effects. Let’s start with a basic overview.


Overview Of Primobolan

Primobolan is a unique anabolic steroid that is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is the popular brand name of the Methenolone steroid compound. It was originally formulated to treat medical conditions which cause muscle-wasting. It is an effective drug to prevent muscle loss, so it is highly preferable among athletes and bodybuilders. Primobolan steroid is available in two different forms:

Primobolan Acetate (Oral)

Primobolan or Methenolone Acetate is altered from DHT and composed of anabolic and androgenic properties. It makes it helpful anti-estrogen and gives the main benefits of lean muscle mass growth, weight loss, and boosted energy and stamina. The other benefits of using this drug are that it aids muscle tissue recovery in a short time. Even though it is available in oral form, it is not similar to 17C-AA compounds, meaning oral Primobolan is not liver toxic.

Primobolan Enanthate (Injectable)

It is a Primobolan steroid injection derived from an anabolic male hormone called testosterone. It is one of the most popular forms and effective steroid because it delivers more efficient results. It is designed to boost lean muscle mass growth, higher strength gain, and energy. Enanthate is a slow-releasing ester with an active half-life of four to five days. So, users don’t need frequent injections like other steroid products.


Why Do Bodybuilders Love Primobolan Steroids?

Primobolan for bodybuilding is an excellent choice for those people who want lean muscle mass growth and to reduce unwanted body fats. This steroid compound can promote insulin sensitivity which enhances the metabolism rate and promotes quick fat loss. Moreover, it is an effective drug for retaining the muscle gain you gained from the previous cycle.

In addition, it gives countless competitive benefits to athletes and bodybuilders who wish to cut their excess body fats while preserving their muscle mass tissues. It works extremely well when you stack it with other anabolic steroid compounds. So, no matter what your bodybuilding goal is, Primobolan helps you to achieve that goal quickly without any harsh side effects.


What Are The Correct Dose For Men And Women?

Primobolan comes with a relatively low anabolic rating, but it is the most effective steroid compound for cutting cycles. Bulking cycles with Primobolan require too high a dose, but practically it is not advisable because high doses may cause many negative health issues. It is always stacked with other compounds rather than its solo cycle. Here is the most popular and recommended dose of Primobolan:

Recommended Dose Of Oral Primobolan

Oral Primobolan is more convenient because it doesn’t require painful needles to administer. According to the tolerance level of men and women, they can choose the Primobolan dose. For example, Novice users can take 25 mg daily to 100 mg daily, intermediate users can take 100 mg to 150 mg daily, and more advanced male users can take 200 mg daily dose.

Keep in mind too many high doses of Primobolan may cause extra strain on the liver and also affect your overall health. An attached Acetate ester has a shorter active half-life, so daily doses are required to maintain blood level. You can also split the dose twice per day.

Female users need to take very lower dosages between 25 mg to 50 mg daily. The maximum dosage for female users is 75 mg daily. A higher dose may cause virilization effects in them, so avoid it.

Recommended Dose Of Injectable Primobolan

Injectable Primobolan gives you the best and most effective results when you combine it with other non-aromatase steroids. Beginner users can start with 100 mg weekly, intermediate users can start with 400 mg weekly, and more advanced users can start with 700 mg weekly. The maximum dosage range is 1000 mg weekly. Lower than this dosage will help you to mitigate the several side effects of it. People need twice the injections per week to maintain their blood levels.

Compared to other steroids, Primobolan is a mild anabolic steroid, and it is suitable for women. So, Female users can take 50 mg to 100 mg weekly. A lower dose for women can minimize the risk of numerous side effects, especially virilization effects, which most women are worried about when taking anabolic steroids. You can buy high-quality steroid injections online.


An example of a Primobolan dosing table


Describe the Proper Primobolan Cycle

Depending on personal goals, users perform the Primobolan cycle. The standard cycle duration of Primobolan is 10 to 12 weeks. It is often used with other steroids during a cutting cycle. Here are the most effective cycle pack of Primobolan that you can take to achieve your lean muscles mass:

Primobolan Cycle Pack For Lean Mass

  • Cycle duration: 8 weeks
  • Primobolan enanthate: 100 mg weekly
  • Sustanon: 300 mg weekly

Important Note: Here is the complete 8 weeks chart that you should follow to achieve your lean mass growth.

Primobolan Cycle Pack For Lean Mass For Advanced User

  • Cycle duration: 8 weeks
  • Primobolan enanthate: 100 mg weekly x 2
  • Sustanon: 300 mg weekly x 2

For a proper weekly chart, read more information here.

Important Note: For Arimidex / Clomid / Nolvadex on each cycle, there no daily dosage, it talk only about conditioning/Packing i.e : Arimidex: 50 tabs of 1 mg Clomid: 50 tabs of 50 mg Nolvadex: 50 tabs of 20 mg.


Explain Primobolan Bodybuilding’s Benefits

This oral and injectable Primobolan is derived from DHT, so that you can expect countless benefits from this hormone. The main advantage of using this drug is not an aromatizing hormone. It makes a more appealing and powerful compound for the cutting phase. Primobolan helps get a cut-and-lean look without water, fluid retention, and bloating effects.

You can also get other benefits from the Primobolan cycle like:

  • Enhance Nitrogen Retention: A positive nitrogen balance will help to retain muscle tissue during a low-calorie cutting cycle.
  • Improve immune system: Strong immune system can give maximum strength, energy, and mental focus. During a cutting cycle, you eat less, so the immune system brings extra benefits during a cutting cycle.
  • Lean and Hard Physique: It promotes the preserving skeletal muscles without any side effects. You won’t face water retention and gynecomastia, and it provides a hard, toned, and defined physique.
  • Moderate muscle mass growth: It does not have excellent muscle-building properties, but it is helpful to gain moderate muscles through bulking cycles.
  • Greater strength: You will gain massive muscle mass, strength gain, and endurance, which allow users to do workouts for a long period.



Wrap Up

Primobolan is a mild anabolic steroid that is often used in the cutting cycle. It comes with a low anabolic rating and is not helpful for muscle mass gain. It gives effective results during the cutting cycle especially when you combine it with other cutting steroids.

Primobolan is available in injectable and oral forms. Even though it is mild anabolic steroids, their higher dose and long-term use may cause different side effects like testosterone suppression, change in cholesterol level, liver toxicity, virilization effects in women, and many more.

Above I have discussed all the necessary information. If you still have any doubts, you can contact any expert coach anytime.